Destiny's Vessel

Destiny's Vessel
by Suzanne Lutas
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The story starts on planet Stellanor in the Orion galaxy at a crucial moment in intergalactical politics, against a background of mounting tension due to a catastrophic shortage of natural resources, since the drought-stricken planets are ready to invade the fertile ones -- unless an Intergalactic Alliance is sealed. In fact, that Intergalactic Alliance is meant to establish a barter-based economy. However, in order to make sure that no one planet will have the upper hand over another, an arranged marriage between two rival kingdoms’ heirs must seal it. Thus, Princess Destiny, the daughter of The environmentalist Leader of the Orion Galaxy Confederates must marry Prince Gavin, the leader of the opposition. But all this doesn’t allow for some greedy politicians’own schemes, and the future bride’s own dream.





















Destiny's Vessel Suzanne Lutas














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